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I was opened in Subud in 1967 and have been participating in the latihan continuously since then. I value highly the founding principles of Subud which were laid out by Bapak. I am hopeful for the future of Subud and at the same time disappointed in our lack of progress so far. Although I value Bapak's core place at the foundation of Subud, I reject and resist all tendencies for Subud to become crystallized and stuck in its belief patterns.

Do We Really Need a New Explanation of the Latihan? pdf, html

This article proposes that a complete and adequate explanation of the latihan must integrate the unique characteristics and core assumptions which define the latihan, and distinguish it from other spiritual practices. Seven elements are offered as candidates for the core assumptions, and the article suggests that Bapak's explanation integrates within it all these core assumptions and so far we have nothing else that does.

It has been proposed that in order to facilitate the growth and development of Subud we should try to develop a new explanation of the latihan which could be more easily understood by people from various backgrounds. The article states that it is not possible nor necessary to develop a new, all inclusive explanation. The one we have is more than adequate. Our priority instead should be to deepen our understanding of Bapak's explanation and develop new ways of presenting it to the world.

How to Read Bapak’s Talks and How Not To pdf, html

In this article Sjahari addresses what he sees as many common misconceptions about Bapak’s talks and what their nature is.

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Feedback for the article: Do We Really Need a New Explanation of the Latihan?

Time to use our own words to describe what we experience and do.

Explaining Subud without words like God or Soul.

about 'rasa'.

Feedback for the article: How to Read Bapak’s Talks and How Not To

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