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Mini Biography

I am 62 years old, a married guy with three grown up step children. My grandparents were Russian and Rumanian jews who came to England to escape persecution. I was opened in 1970 and Bethan and I live in Ipswich, Suffolk, but work with adult groups worldwide. My rich and varied work, plus the remarkable travelling life that goes with it, came about through my “unfolding” as a result of the latihan, and testing played a useful part in this.

Stefan's dance web site is at

Stefan now has two published books at The Cats Whiskers

An Alternative Introduction pdf html

Looking for a different kind of intro to give your friend to read?

Beyond Words and Images pdf html

The latihan is beyond words- but the words we use to describe it are putting people off.

Buddhism and Subud pdf html

Subud doesn't require you to stop practising your religion. Unless you're a Buddhist.

Handling Hot Issues pdf html

Let's talk. We can't evolve by avoiding controversy.

Peace and Subud pdf html

Does Subud have a contribution to make in the area of conflict resolution?

What to Do with Bapak's Advice pdf html

Becoming wider- and finding strength in diversity.

The Mystery of the Vanishing Applicants pdf html

Talking (and really listening) to enquirers.

Subud at Middle East Spirituality and Peace Festival pdf html

How a member met the challenge of giving an interactive intro.

Subud Is a Bud pdf html

A lively report on the challenges facing today's Subud.

Pulling Together or Pulling Apart pdf html

Are you a mountain or a river? A thought-provoking report for WSC on the present state of Subud.

Mind- Friend or Fiend? pdf html

To do the undoable we need to think the unthinkable.

Danger of the Kejiwaan Event pdf html

Could kejiwaan events be a bad idea?

God's Teeth pdf html

Ours is the One Way

Walking on Air pdf html

The possible successor to Subud?

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Have good writers write about Subud..

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Feedback for the article: Buddhism and Subud

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Meditation, Mixing and Buddhism..

The Latihan is a form of meditation.

Hinduism and Subud.

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Why we shouldn't categorise.

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