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Born 1961, raised and still living in Brisbane, I joined Subud in 1980. I have had committee roles in two Subud groups, and edited the Subud Australia newsletter in 1991-92. Never having been a helper, I have seemingly always been worried about the extent to which Subud drifts toward religion-hood. I have an arts degree in professional writing and have done professional proof-reading, including one year for a government department, a published novel and some student doctoral theses. Currently working part-time and studying part-time for a science degree, I enjoy philosophy and bushwalking.

Genuinely Open pdf html

Is Subud culture an embarrassment for its members?

Absurd Subud pdf html

We could make Subud a religion. Or dream of the ideal latihan world. Or we could start hauling Subud down to earth.

An Atheist View pdf html

With Subud Catholics- Protestants- Jews- Buddhists- Hindus- Muslims- why not Subud Atheists?

Why Subud Groups Should Not Present Bapak's Talks pdf html

Is Subud equally open to people of all beliefs- as it claims?

Unthinkable Decision-Making pdf html

How Subud conventions discourage democracy

An Alternative Explanation of the Subud Exercise in Psychological Terms pdf html

There's more than one way to understand the latihan.

Preachy Testing pdf html

Ways in which preaching sneaks into testing

Keeping Track of Reality pdf html

Again and again I hear it said that Pak Subuh is the 'Spiritual Guide' of Subud. Funny: it's not stated in the WSA constitution

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Change the name. Drop the symbol?

Unblocking is needed, not advertising.

Offer Latihan Free

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Feedback for the article: Why Subud Groups Should Not Present Bapak’s Talks

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