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From The Editors, June 11, 2014. Time 18:39

It's always been possible to unsubscribe, since we started the subscription scheme seven years ago.

Sorry that you missed seeing the menu option, which is under: subscribe (free) / modify your subscription

and which takes you to this page for modifying or cancelling a subscription:


From luminair, June 11, 2014. Time 17:31

I have been receiving emails from Subud Vision for some time now and found today that there was no way of unsubscribing from these emails, which is what I want to do now. It would be the decent thing to do to give others the option to unsubscribe, like all other self and other respecting organisations do with their emails. So I've been forced to block these emails even though that didn't feel absolutely necessary. Please fix this guys and 'get with the program'!

From Tommy, June 16, 2013. Time 2:12

As an ex Subud group member,who has never given up on the wonderful gift of the Latihan,
reading the articles on your site has been a great help. Thank you!
I'm especially grateful for being able to read Husain Chung's 'Still Crazy after All These Years' which refilled me with "Entheos" from beyond the grave. God bless, Husain.

From Editors, March 16, 2013. Time 9:1


We did get it, and were interested in publishing it in our next edition, which may be early summer or mid Autumn, we don't know yet. We replied to you at the time, but sometimes emails get lost in spam filters. We advise anyone else who has communicated with us but received no reply to chase it up with us, as we do try to be prompt replying to emails and article submissions.

From Edward Fido, March 16, 2013. Time 7:20

Hi. Not a complaint: a query. I thought I had despatched an article to you 3/3/13. So far have not heard back. Wondering if you got it. EF

From mingshen, February 6, 2013. Time 16:8

Most of the articles are interesting,instructive. They help me to understand Subud and the latihan better.

From Evan, February 13, 2012. Time 11:0

Opposition to Subud Vision? Not worth it. Some nice things said here - maybe many things not so nice. Mostly way too much thinking so a bit painful to read - better for me to just do latihan - more productive. Sorry if I hurt feelings but you asked.

From Margaret Pevec, February 11, 2012. Time 16:1

You don't have to publish this comment, but I noticed that you mis-attributed the following quote to Nelson Mandela. This is often done, but actually belongs to Marianne Williamson.

"As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

From Hubert Spall, February 2, 2012. Time 9:32

Thanks for this site, it is very good that constructive critical writing about Subud has such a well-managed and even-handed home.

From Webmaster, February 1, 2012. Time 21:54

Welcome to the new HAVE YOUR SAY ABOUT SUBUD VISION page at http://www.subudvision.org/haveyoursayhtml.php

If you have a complaint about Subud Vision, say it here. This page is for contributors only. The Subud Vision editors are not allowed to post replies to comments on the HAVE YOUR SAY page.

From The Webmaster, February 1, 2012. Time 21:28

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